I had a short-term study abroad alone in Australia.

There is a small country famous for abundant petroleum as Brunei in Borneo...

There is a small country famous for abundant petroleum as Brunei in Borneo Island in Southeast Asia, but there is an amusement park called Jurdon Park there. The King of Bruneiie of the time was a free free amusement park for all the children for the children, but now it seems to take a little admission fee .... By the way, Brunei Airlines that existed between Kansai and Brunei had also gone .... It seems to be a very nostalgic ceremony for cabin attendant prayers in the plane before takeoff. I will return to the story of the amusement park, but it was still free when I went there, but this is quite a big scale and there is a scary screaming machine properly on the scale. So I was playing until late at night, but when I thought about going home it was after the last bus left ... As a poverty trip I could not get on a taxi and only took a walk downhill. I think that there was probably more than 5 km from the amusement park to the hotel. Although I was walking all the while, on the way, a strange Ogasan sympathized with my shabby rear appearance and told me ""I can get on the ride"". I appealed ""I do not have money"" with poor English and gesture, but I answered smartly ""OK, OK"" and got it on the car and I was very saved at that time because I was really tired. Although there are many countries in Southeast Asia, even though there are many white tacks, it is obvious that personal kindness is kind to the foreigners who do not know anything, but national character that can afford in mind also I had an impression that I was pretty related. It is only that experience, but Brunei still keeps a good image.

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